Rent Life – 15 Home Hacks Your Landlord Won’t Mind

The big day arrives. You move into your new home, but there’s a problem: you’re renting the place and things aren’t quite as you’d like them. Unfortunately that is the reality of renting an apartment or house. But just because you can’t tamper to much with your new living space, doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few things you can do to spruce it up. Check out our 15 home hacks your landlord won’t mind, to give your rental home your own stamp!

New Lighting

Your apartment’s current lighting setup probably looks both sparse, as if it’s been there since the dawn of time. Add cool table and floor lamps that fit your personality to provide softer, more moody lighting, and to accentuate different parts of the room.

Rent Life - 15 Home Hacks Your Landlord Won't Mind Design Home Hacks
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